Terms and Conditions


All bookings must be made in writing on the booking form provided and are subject to the following terms and conditions:




Booking & Payment


The person making a booking and signing and submitting this form must be over 18 years of age.  The completion of this booking form shall form the acceptance of all of the following terms and conditions of rental between the owner and any guests.


A provisional booking will be held for seven days, pending receipt of a completed Booking Form and a non-refundable deposit of £100.00/$200.00 per week or part week (a photocopy of the signed Booking Form and Terms & Conditions will be sent to you and will act as confirmation of your booking).  The balance of the rental fee will be payable no later than eight weeks prior to departure.  Approximately six weeks before your departure, directions to the house and other helpful information will be sent to you.


Payment via this booking form is only for the rental of our home.  You are responsible for arranging and paying for all flights, car hire, insurances, etc.


Security Deposit


A security deposit of £250.00/$500.00 will be added to the balance of the rental fee.  This deposit covers unacceptable breakage, staining, loss or damage to our home or contents during your stay.  I particularly ask you to ensure your children do not use felt tip pens, as they may accidentally stain the furniture or carpets.  Our home has plenty of colouring pencils, paper, books and games for your children to enjoy, but please ensure they are left for future guests.


The cost of reasonable minor damage, such as a broken glass, chipped cup, etc, will not be deducted from the security deposit, but I do ask that you inform either us or our local manager of any breakages so the item can be replaced for the next guests.  At the end of your vacation, our local manager will, hopefully, advise that everything has been left in good condition and all items listed on the inventory are in place and I will send you a cheque to refund your security deposit within 4 weeks of your return.


The security deposit will be refunded within 28 days of your departure from our home, once our local manager has confirmed that all is in order with our home and its contents.


Local Management


Within the package of information we send to you prior to your stay, we will include the name, address and contact details for our local manager (a very nice British couple!).  In the unlikely event that you have any problems on arrival or cannot find the house they will be able to assist you.




We have a complete list of the contents of our home and our local manager will check that all items are in place after the departure of each party of guests.  If you notice any items are missing during your stay or you have any breakages, please advise the local manager as soon as possible and they will endeavour to arrange the necessary repair or replacement.


Home Occupancy


The recommended maximum occupancy is 10 persons (+ up to 2 babies in cribs).  Only those persons listed on the booking form may stay in our home and any over-occupancy will result in the loss of your security deposit and immediate termination of the rental agreement.  By prior agreement with us, 2 extra persons will be allowed to stay, for which purpose a sofa bed is provided in the loft area.


No animals will be allowed inside our home (apart from guide dogs, OR by prior arrangement).


For those guests from the USA who may wish to drive down to Florida, I must advise that the parking of RV’s is not allowed on the roads or driveways in Highlands Reserve.




We ask that you do not arrive before 4.00 pm on your first day.  Any earlier arrival may result in a delay for you whilst cleaning is completed.


On your last day, please depart by 10.00 am in order for our home to be thoroughly cleaned for the next guests.  If you would like to leave later (and I know you will do all you can to stay as long as possible!!), please give us a call – if no guests are arriving on your departure day, we will try to accommodate your request.




Our home is fully equipped with everything you will need to enjoy your stay – all linens, towels (both bath and pool), kitchen equipment, games, patio furniture, barbecue, etc, etc.  You will be provided with an initial supply of toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher powder, washing powder and soap, but you will be expected to purchase any additional supplies you may require.




As there are TV sets in all bedrooms, it is only prudent for me to advise caution.  The house does not receive ‘adult’ stations, but certain late-night programmes might not be suitable for younger viewers.  Please exercise parental control over late-night TV viewing.  We can accept no liability for children viewing unsuitable programmes.


As part of the rental rate we offer a full cable package, other channels may be available on a pay per view/on demand basis – if you wish to access these channels/movies a payment will be required (normally around $3.95 each) – the payment will be taken from your security deposit following a check of the cable statement for your rental period.




We would ask that you and your guests respect our wish to keep our home smoke-free and only smoke around the swimming pool or outside the deck area.  If extra cleaning is required because you or your guests do smoke inside the house, a charge will be deducted from your security deposit.




Our home will be fully cleaned in readiness for your arrival, and again after your departure.   We ask you to kindly leave everything in good order when you depart – we want you and future visitors to gain as much enjoyment from it as we do.


Access During Your Stay


Please be aware that authorised representatives and/or our local manager may require access to the house during your stay for maintenance purposes.  This is particularly the case with the pool and garden areas, which are regularly cleaned and maintained.


Local Area


We are unable to accept any responsibility whatsoever for situations affecting the local area/environment, such as construction taking place in the vicinity causing noise or pollution of the atmosphere.




If, after booking, you wish to make any changes to the details contained within your booking form, we will do our utmost to accommodate you.  Major alterations requested within eight weeks of departure may have to be treated as a cancellation.  Inability on our part to agree to requested changes shall not be a basis for cancellation by you.




If the final balance is not paid within eight weeks of your departure date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.


If you need to cancel your booking, please do so in writing.


Cancellations will be subject to the following:-




Up to 10 weeks before departure                                         Loss of deposit only


7-10 weeks before departure                                               Loss of 30% of total booking fee


4-7 weeks before departure                                                 Loss of 60% of total booking fee


0-4 weeks before departure                                                 Loss of 100% of total booking fee


Cancellation for reasons beyond your control will be covered by your travel insurance.  Please be aware that cancellation due to financial reasons or the fact that you no longer wish to travel will not be included under such insurance.




Travel insurance, from the time you make a booking for or home (you will then be covered if you have to cancel for any reason) is vital for your entire party.  In America, a visit to a doctor for a minor ailment can be extremely expensive.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your entire party is adequately covered by a reputable insurance company.


Please ensure that your personal belongings are adequately insured as we accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of your property whilst it is in our home.


In Case of Complaint


Things do occasionally go wrong, but our local manager and ourselves will do all we can to rectify faults as quickly as possible.  You must immediately inform the local manager of any problems you encounter in order that they can arrange for them to be fixed.  We are unable to accept liability for any dissatisfaction or complaint, which is not reported to our local manager during your stay.


Pool Safety


Our home has its own private pool.  We cannot accept any responsibility, whatsoever and howsoever caused, as a result of use of the pool and the surrounding area.  Children should have appropriate adult supervision at all times when using the pool.  For your peace of mind, the pool doors have alarms, which should be operating at all times.  Diving is not allowed in the pool.


Pool Heating (October – April)


The cost of pool heating is not included in the rental cost (see tariff).  To try and maintain pool heat in the colder winter months, the pool is fitted with a solar blanket.  During a cold snap (40-50 degrees – and, yes this is possible in the winter months), this solar blanket must be placed on the pool every night to retain heat in the water – the temperature will drop by around 20 degrees overnight without the blanket.  We are unable to guarantee a specific pool temperature as the prevailing weather conditions, particularly in winter, can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the pool heater, but it is always our aim to heat the water to approximately 82 degrees (which is the normal temperature used by Disney at their pools in Typhoon Lagoon, etc).  The legal maximum temperature for a heated pool is 86 degrees, so the pool will not be heated above that. In the event that air temperature drops below 50F the pool heating will shut off to prevent damage. No refund will be given in this event.


Please be aware that it is not possible to guarantee the temperature of the pool, which is partially dependant on the local weather conditions. If the outside air temperature drops below 50°F (10°C) the owner cannot guarantee that they can maintain the pool temperature at a comfortable temperature. Please always use the insulating pool blanket (when provided in colder months) to help to maintain the pool heat when the pool is not in use. This solar blanket must be placed on the pool every night to retain heat in the water – the temperature will drop by around 20 degrees overnight without the blanket




Bugs (such as ants and cockroaches) are an unwelcome but accepted part of living in a semi-tropical climate such as Florida.  Our home is regularly ‘de-bugged’, but at certain times of the year you may see a large number of insects moving around, especially ants on the pool deck.  It is the responsibility of all guests to ensure that foodstuffs are appropriately stored in the many plastic containers provided and that any spills or crumbs are picked up off the floor or pool deck.


Force Majeure


We can accept no responsibility for, and shall not be liable in respect of, loss or changes caused by force majeure, eg strikes, fire, flood, closure of airports, acts of terrorism, weather conditions, war, riots or any other event beyond our control, including any inconvenience caused by construction/building works in the local area.




We and our agent(s) cannot accept liability for acts of omissions of or changes of third parties, such as airlines, car hire companies, etc or loss of enjoyment as a result of bad weather, acts of war, terrorist activities, etc.  Nor can we accept responsibility or liability for any accident, loss of property, theft, injury or illness arising from or sustained during your rental period, regardless of how it may occur.  All belongings, goods and items of any nature are left in our home at the full risk of guests.


We also cannot accept responsibility or liability for the failure of any equipment or services in our home, regardless of how it may have occurred.  In the unlikely event of any problems, however, our local manager is there to help and will endeavour to quickly rectify any problems.


Children must be properly supervised at all times when using the pool or when around the pool area.  Use of the pool and any inflatable/toy in the pool is entirely at guests’ risk.


Liability is strictly limited to the amount of full rental paid.


Florida State Safety Standards


Our home is licensed by the Florida Division of Hotels & Restaurants and is in full compliance with State safety standards.  Smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire extinguisher and a pool safety alarms are all installed.





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